A family affair

    Expertise Technology
  1. 1970 Karl-Joseph Hugo founds the KARL HUGO company at the age of 24.
  2. 1976 Construction of the first production hall.
  3. 1985 The company hires its first industrial engineer.
  4. 1986 Construction of the current site at Kaiserbaracke.
  5. 1989 The company receives the visit of King Baudouin 1st.
  6. 1996 Stephan and Bernd Hugo take-over the management of the company.
  7. 1997 The ISO 9001:1994 management system is implemented.
  8. 2000 First certifications within the field of pressure chamber construction.
  9. 2008 The Hugo brothers invest in machinery, team training and skills development.
  10. 2013 Start of the facilities modernisation programme; priority is given to the canteen and the changing rooms.
  11. 2015 King Philippe of Belgium visits the KARL HUGO workshops.
  12. 2018 Completion of the renovation works. KARL HUGO’s facilities that are at the cutting-edge of the latest technologies.
  13. 2020 KARL HUGO is a recognised brand 50 years of experience, a team of 50 people who work every day in a company that is younger than ever!
  14. 2022

    KARL HUGO is opening its doors to ZUKUNFT METALL, which it will welcome onto its site on Sunday May 22nd, 2022 from 11.00 am until 5.00 pm.
    Zukunft Metall - the Future of Metal - brings together colleagues and enterprises from the metals sector in East Belgium.

  15. 2023 KARL HUGO is building a bicycle storage facility and continues its mission as a sustainable actor by promoting eco-friendly mobility.