KARL HUGO can undertake all types of high-precision, standard or non-standard projects

Thanks to its expertise and cutting-edge technologies, KARL HUGO positions itself as a genuine partner for complex projects for designing and building special, tailor-made, machines to be incorporated within a production line. Thanks to its cost engineering method, the cost-performance ratio is optimised to the benefit of the project.

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Flexibility Technology Expertise


A constant process of innovation

The teams monitor the latest technical developments and adapt to the ever more complex requirements. Know-how and experience result in high added-value solutions involving resources in the areas of analysis, planning and production.

Innovation Requirements Precision


A company on a human scale

KARL HUGO operates with flexibility and efficiency to accomplish the tasks entrusted to it. Each challenge reinforces the team spirit and guarantees constant quality in the management of processes from conception to on-site integration.

Trust Know how Human Experience


 Our philosophy demands that we work in strict confidentiality. Our principal objective is to maintain this valuable confidence, building lasting relationships with our clients and partners.