Manufacturer and turnkey installer since 1970

KARL HUGO builds customised industrial machines, groups of machines for production lines, coaters, sterilisers, vacuum chambers, particle accelerators, single items, small series and mechanical or welded sub-assemblies. KARL HUGO works independently, depending on the drawings provided, as sole designer or in open collaboration with others.

Made to measure!

Special / industrial machines

Design, manufacture, assembly and on-site integration

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A single point of contact

Production lines

KARL HUGO designs, constructs and develops made to measure machines or groups of machines for integration directly into the production line.

Expertise & Know-how

Pressurised/vacuum chambers

KARL HUGO is specialised in the design and production of pressurised or vacuum chambers. It builds custom-made sterilisers of different sizes, vacuum chambers of particle accelerators used in the health or applied research sectors.

Vapour sterilisers

EO sterilisers

Vapour tank and generator

Vacuum chambers

Particle accelerators

Ethylene oxide sterilisers

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On time and high precision

Parts and sub-assemblies

Production and sub-contracting of parts and sub-assemblies as per drawing

One-off parts

Small series


steel - aluminium - stainless - copper - plastics
From 1 kg to 20 tonnes

240 metres/minute

Coil coaters

KARL HUGO has perfected the design and manufacture of coaters used in the industrial sector for continuous sheet-metal coating lines. The company supplies the major steel industries for applications in the automotive and construction sectors.




Coil coaters configurations

Vertical Roll Coater

S-Type Roll Coater

T-Type Roll Coater

Shuttle Roll Coater

Quick connection units for coating rolls

Patented design

Easy connection & disconnection

Roll changing in less than 3 minutes