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The fruit of encounters, a source of inspiration, shared values, KARL HUGO supports young talents in different disciplines.

Royal Football Club Malmundaria

Young Dragons Academy

In 2018, RFC Malmundaria, a football club from Malmedy founded in 1904, established the Young Dragons Academy. This regional training center, whose patronage since 2022 has been former Belgian professional footballer Frédéric Waseige, currently boasts 280 young footballers playing in 18 teams. It aims primarily to be a school of life but also a true breeding ground to recruit future players for the first team. “Every year, our structure grows and welcomes new players who wish to develop through football, emphasizes Philippe Schumacher - President of RFCM. KARL HUGO has been supporting the young dragons since 2017. “We are convinced that this team sport is a formidable factor of integration and education, declares Bernd Hugo - Managing Director. “KARL HUGO and the management of RFC Malmundaria share common values: discipline, respect, and excellence.

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Arne Janssens

Champion of Belgium - VTT cross-country

Born in Schönberg in the East of Belgium, 22-year old Arne Janssens  took a degree course in woodworking at Saint-Vith. A passionate cyclist, he takes part in the Wallonia Cup and the Kids Trophy when he is only 11. As his all-consuming passion cannot easily be reconciled with his trade, he is forced to make a  choice. He therefore immerses himself totally in his sporting career. Arne rides for the BH-Wallonia MTB Team and has been selected to represent Belgium in the national team. In October 2021, he is crowned Champion of Belgium in VTT cross-country in the  Under 23 category. His great dream is to take part in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028. To achieve his objective, he is training very hard, building up his physical condition day after day and following a self-imposed and very strict lifestyle. “The road is sometimes difficult, but how wonderful it is when you achieve your goal”.

Tom Kohnen

Motorcycle racer

Originating from the East of Belgium, a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg border, Tom Kohnen, a programmer by profession, sets out in motor sport in 2016. At 26 years of age, he wins his first two titles in the Supersport 600 junior category and in the Inter-Belgium-Netherlands Championship (BeNeCup). Since then, he has been rising through the ranks in a manner worthy of the great champions. On his Yamaha R6, he achieves several podium finishes on the tour. Two victories, in 2018 and 2019, in the SPA 6 hours Motorcycle event. He finishes this year’s season in 6th place in the very competitive German International Championship (IDM). But this exceptional racer keeps his feet firmly on the ground. His secret? Talent, excellent physical preparation and maximum concentration throughout the whole race!

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Philippe Thomas


A young stylist originating from the East of Belgium, a few years ago Philippe Thomas located his premises in Düsseldorf. He has several collections to his name. He has an eclectic, inquisitive and incisive view on life. Transforming forms and materials, he dresses the world according to his own laws. When he knocked on the doors of the workshops of KARL HUGO, Philippe Thomas was quite literally inspired and taken in by the industrial world. Out of this resulted a collection which breathes austerity, authority and power. The H/W 17/18 collection is being presented as a first, within the KARL HUGO company. Philippe Thomas and KARL HUGO share the same values of excellence, innovation and durability.

"The common aim is to provide quality work to last the test of time."

Jeremy Heinen


Self-taught, Jeremy Heinen has been an avid photographer since 2013. His early subjects included car meetings, urban exploration and landscapes. However, it is within KARL HUGO (where he has worked as a Project Manager in the purchasing department for the past ten years or so), that he discovered a new source of inspiration. A place of endless possibilities, he takes portraits of people as they work, or captures the atmosphere within the workshops. With an ever-discerning eye, he immortalises daily life of his company.


"When I’m focussing on the subject, I forget everything that is happening around me. It's another way of living in the moment..."

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