Arne Janssens

Champion of Belgium - VTT cross-country

Born in Schönberg in the East of Belgium, 22-year old Arne Janssens  took a degree course in woodworking at Saint-Vith. A passionate cyclist, he takes part in the Wallonia Cup and the Kids Trophy when he is only 11. As his all-consuming passion cannot easily be reconciled with his trade, he is forced to make a  choice. He therefore immerses himself totally in his sporting career. Arne rides for the BH-Wallonia MTB Team and has been selected to represent Belgium in the national team. In October 2021, he is crowned Champion of Belgium in VTT cross-country in the  Under 23 category. His great dream is to take part in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028. To achieve his objective, he is training very hard, building up his physical condition day after day and following a self-imposed and very strict lifestyle. “The road is sometimes difficult, but how wonderful it is when you achieve your goal”.