News - Published on 12 May 2020

Guided by values...


“Ordnung ist halbe Leben” (“Order is half of life”). That was the mantra by which Karl-Joseph Hugo lived his entire life.

This saying has become an everyday reality, applied by all members of the KARL HUGO company, and has been so for the past 50 years. “You could lick the floors of the production workshops, it was crazy!“ exclaimed the Business Manager of the BBL Bank in 1996, upon visiting the KARL HUGO facilities for the first time, adding: “Since then, I have never witnessed similar order and cleanliness in any company of that type!” Jean Koninckx - the Design Office manager remembers… “In 2008, when he had retired, Mr Hugo paid regular visits to the workshop. He remained obsessed by cleanliness and continued to check everything…“

But order is nothing without creativity and a passion for metal. Karl-Joseph Hugo passed on this flame to his sons, his workers and his staff.

This ingrained enthusiasm of the company enabled it to avoid many pitfalls and to skilfully negotiate its way through difficult moments without ever giving up. More than that, it became a company’s trademark… much appreciated by its customers. “When working with KARL HUGO, we discover a company that combines discipline and flexibility, two opposing characteristics but which give a much higher quality of execution” explains the R&D Manager of a company active in the biomedical sector. “If I’m asked to achieve the near impossible, such as to produce a special machine to a high standard within a tight schedule, I turn first to KARL HUGO” confirms the Pump tooling manager of a multinational company in the nuclear sector.

Within an ongoing process of innovation and continuous improvement, the company has pursued a policy of investment over the past decade to meet the needs of its customers and position itself as a genuine partner. “The success of KARL HUGO is strongly associated with the two brothers, Bernd and Stephan… They have turned KARL HUGO into a technological gem without resorting to acquisitions” stresses a former non-executive director of KARL HUGO (2002-2008).