News - Published on 28 November 2019

KARL HUGO optimises a pressure test for a global catalytic converter component manufacturer.


The customer requirements were to increase the hourly test rate, review the ergonomics and optimise a pressure test process. KARL HUGO has developed a new 105 bar pressure vessel…

To guarantee the quality of the product, the component manufacturer has developed a water pressure test to verify the ability of the component to withstand a given pressure. Faced with a flood of orders, the manufacturer wishes to optimise the ergonomic design of the process to ensure operator comfort while at the same time increasing the hourly test rate. KARL HUGO then analysed the test process and proposed a number of improvements, such as the automation of the cover and the addition of a cylinder for removing the component from the water. “The incorporation of the two new features, explains Pascal Hermann, Project leader and Engineer in the KARL HUGO design office, enabled us to offer the customer an increased test rate of up to 30 components per hour.“ KARL HUGO then undertook the complete construction of this new, optimised vessel.

Pascal adds, “this project is quite specific as it is rare to work at this level of pressure with a large vessel and such a large contact surface!