News - Published on 23 December 2018

KARL HUGO has invested more than 9.5 million Euros in its production equipment.


The completion of the works on the new administrative building brings to an end five consecutive years of investment in the renewal of the machines stock, and the renovation of the workshops and offices.

A whole new look for KARL HUGO, which still has the wind in its sails and is remaining on course. While in the middle of strong growth, the enterprise has managed to entirely renovate its site. KARL HUGO is now making available to its teams up to the minute equipment in buildings which meet the norms of tomorrow. “Everything has been thought out to improve to a maximum the well-being and quality of life at work,” explains Bernd Hugo CEO - Financial Director. And this for each trade and each workstation. “We have therefore phased the works, giving priority to the workshops. We then turned our attention to the administrative building and the offices.” This renovation policy very much took into account notions such as the integration of renewable energies, decreasing energy consumption and an increase in comfort at work. “Players within the development of our region, we wished to show an example,” Stephan Hugo, CEO - Technical Director, confides to us. “We have the good fortune to be operating in the heart of an exceptional natural heritage. We have a duty to preserve it for future generations.” And finally, at an architectural level, the building has received a total renovation. “Thoroughness, precision, reliability, creativity… and all this on a human scale. We wanted a façade which reflects our values and the quality of our work,” finishes Bernd Hugo. Lastly, staying true to its philosophy, KARL HUGO selected local enterprises only for the various worksites. Responsible entrepreneurs, Stephan and Bernd Hugo opted for choices which take account of the social stakes of today and tomorrow.