News - Published on 29 November 2017

Equipment for the pharmaceutical sector: 20 years of expertise!


Since 1997, KARL HUGO has been producing defrosting trays for GSK Biologicals, a multinational company actively involved in the development and production of vaccines that are distributed worldwide.

It all started with an initial order for 5 trays, at the end of the 1990s. The vaccines, which are stored at -50°C, undergo fully-controlled defrosting in specially designed tanks. From the very start, KARL HUGO fully satisfied its customer's requirements “Over the years”, explains Frank Heinen, Engineering Manager - KARL HUGO, “the level of requirement has greatly changed, in particular in terms of the quality of production, as well as where the conditions of hygiene are concerned. “We also note the switch to computerisation with the introduction of an electronic unit for recording parameters using YOKOGAWA-daqstation technology, where previously this was done only on paper. “Today, with several dozen trays to its credit, KARL HUGO is the multinational's leading supplier for this type of equipmentconcludes the Engineering department manager.