News - Published on 02 November 2022

CAD-CAM, the intelligent technology

Karl Hugo’s ambition is to be able to respond to complex requests and to offer custom-made products. The use of CAD-CAM technology allows the company to design a part and programme its manufacturing process with extreme precision.

CAD-CAM software, also known as computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is not new to KARL HUGO as this digital process first appeared in the company about 15 years ago. However, at the time, the technology was not sufficiently developed for the specific needs of the company, and it was therefore only installed on the company’s milling machines a few years later. They have been using the software since September 2022.

CAD-CAM is used to machine parts on 3 and 5-axis milling machines. “Our customers send us a STEP file containing the data for a 3D model,” explains Stephan Hugo, CEO - Technical Director. “The file is integrated into the CAD-CAM system, which enables us to machine parts with more intricate shapes and contours, such as parts for turbines and compressors.” The STEP file is translated into machine language. Some processes are fully digitised, which simplifies programming for the machines and reduces sources of error.

Two of our operators are currently using this technology,” continues the Technical Director. In order to get the most out of this software they attended a week of training provided by the Technifutur Competence Centre at KARL HUGO.” Digital processes mean that work is faster and more efficient. CAD-CAM speeds up and simplifies the design and manufacturing of each part. This means that KARL HUGO has the ability to machine intricate parts and to be more effective. “Saving time at all steps of the process, from sending the STEP file to delivering the completed parts allows KARL HUGO to be an even more competitive player in the market,” concludes the Technical Director.