News - Published on 04 October 2023

Design of a Textile Machine Prototype

Serel Industrie, a Belgian company active in the textile industry, has enlisted the Engineering Department of KARL HUGO to develop a new prototype for measuring fabric thickness.

Designed by the client, this measuring bridge, which controls material density in fabric layers, requires increased stability to add a thickness measurement with an accuracy in the order of tenths of a millimeter. Vibrations and non-problematic geometric variations within the scope of density measurement must be significantly reduced to achieve the desired precision. To address these constraints, Serel Industrie aims to develop a new model. “Our mission was to design a more rigid machine that allows for a more precise measurement of fabric thickness,” explains Jean Koninckx, Engineering Manager.

KARL HUGO's design office creates a 3D model of the textile machine, incorporating a new guidance system for the two reading heads that move simultaneously up and down. “We have designed a new frame into which we have integrated a new drive system, ergonomic covering, and a control panel, adds the Head of the design office. “The precision and stability of the movements of our new prototype allow for measuring fabric thickness to within a few tenths of a millimeter. Additionally, we have reduced the width by 300 mm to make the machine more compact. All mechanical components were machined at KARL HUGO. Finally, the roller system has been optimized to facilitate the transport of this machine, which is 3 meters wide, 2 meters tall, and 60 cm deep.

In addition to 3D design, the engineering team at KARL HUGO has written and provided CE documentation, instruction manuals and a risk analysis to the client.