News - Published on 06 October 2022

Renovation of the welding cabins at KARL HUGO

The welding hall has been entirely repainted. In parallel with this, the enterprise has invested in the acquisition of new Fronius workstations for MIG/MAG and TIG welding. A USB key can be inserted into the rear of the device in order to record the digital welding data. KARL HUGO has also acquired several perforated welding tables. They enable certain tools to be fixed more easily and facilitate the tacking of the parts. New more ergonomic storage cupboards have been installed in each cabin. On top of this, perforated steel sheeting attached to the walls make it easier for each operator to arrange his equipment in the way that suits him.  “KARL HUGO pays particular attention to the health and wellbeing of the teams”, explains Cédric Maus - Head of steel construction. “New Speedglas helmets, fitted with an air intake respiratory device, also ensure effective protection against particles and gases”.