News - Published on 19 October 2023

KARL HUGO is manufacturing a large sterilizer

The welding robot is currently responsible for the production of a large tank used for sterilizing single-use syringes. Ordered by a German multinational company specializing in the production of surgical and oncological equipment, this stainless steel tank measures 13 meters in length, 2.2 meters in height, and 1.90 meters in width. It can accommodate 20 pallets of syringes.

The robot allows us to ensure a high level of reliability in the weld seams on the various parts,“ explains Cédric Maus, Head of the Welding Department at KARL HUGO. “Robotic welding is precise, faster, and provides consistent and replicable quality.“

Once the sterilizer is fully welded both on the outside and inside, KARL HUGO will conduct pressure and leak tests. It will then be insulated before final assembly.