News - Published on 24 May 2018

Getting better every day!

Optimisation of organisation, increased accountability and better interaction, ISO 9001:2015 certification is seen by KARL HUGO as a genuine opportunity!

“We started from a blank sheet, explains Bernd Hugo, CEO and Financial Director of KARL HUGO. This enabled us to reconsider many of our practices. We have been able to create a new procedures chart with a vision for continuous improvement that perfectly corresponds to our company”. Audited at the start of 2018, the company has been unstinting in its efforts. It appointed one of its engineers to be responsible full time for managing and preparing the audit and its follow-up. Another of its priorities? The opening up of continuous improvement initiatives to all of its personnel. The owners of the new procedures belong to the operational staff, regardless of their level within the company. Passing on the right information has become essential for the optimum management of a company, confirms the CEO. This allows us to have a view that is as close as possible to the reality, as well as a better transparency of the action of each member of personnel. And to conclude: “In addition to ensuring good risk management, the new ISO standard is in fact a formidable participating management tool!