News - Published on 25 May 2018

Design and manufacture of coil coaters - made by KARL HUGO!


Used mainly in metal processing for applications in the automotive and construction sectors, these machines represent a particular area of expertise within the company, that has been recognised for over 20 years.

New customer, new order! Thomas Reuter, an engineer in the KARL HUGO design department, is in charge of the design and manufacture of a new coil coater. “We generally allow about ten months. In this particular case, we have to design, manufacture and assemble the new machine in 210 days”, explains the young engineer. Mission impossible? “It's a bit tight, he admits, but we have the expertise to be able to save our customer valuable time.”

With over twenty machines to its credit, including both fully-produced machines and upgrades, KARL HUGO has established a tried and tested methodology. From the initial sketches, giving an overall view of the future machine, to the detailed drawings of each component, the team simultaneously conducts feasibility studies, risk analyses and assessments of explosion hazards in ATEX zones. Nothing is left to chance. As soon as they are approved, the drawings are sent for production. The engineer then oversees the production and assembly of the parts and prepares the documentation. A test phase is performed in the workshop in the presence of the customer. When everything is OK, the machine is dismantled for delivery to the customer. Its installation and acceptance are carried out under the watchful eye of the engineer. Training is then provided for the future users.

True to its philosophy, KARL HUGO adapts and works exclusively to order: Indeed, concludes Thomas Reuter, in this particular case the machine is a bit special: the coated strip will need to be fed horizontally rather than vertically.