News - Published on 18 June 2017

Product workshop re-lighting campaign


The incorporation of LED lighting throughout all three production workshops, a further stage in KARL HUGO’s comprehensive policy of well-being at work.

More than 350 LED lights now replace the traditional neon lights in the machining, welding and assembly workshops. This technology, which is already well-proven, pays off for the company in a number of ways. Namely: reduced consumption, longer bulb life and higher quality of light. The amount of light received by each work station is now 400 to 450 lux per m2. This campaign was carried out in two phases of four weeks each, and was paid for out of our own funds. It follows on from a first stage, carried out in 2016, to increase the level of lighting through the replacement of the original glazing. "We have invested significantly to improve the working conditions of our employees over the last three years", explains Bernd Hugo - CEO. "We have also insulated the workshops, optimised the heating and improved air quality." These improvements close an important chapter in the development of KARL HUGO, which aimed to improve the occupational well-being of the employees and, ultimately, the quality of their work!