News - Published on 07 March 2023

How KARL HUGO inspires vocation from an early age

Developing relationships between schools and companies enables young people to become aware of exciting technical professions. Since being founded in 1970, KARL HUGO has trained 70 apprentices.

On 22nd May 2022, KARL HUGO hosted Zukunft Metall, an event which brought together under one roof, all the educational institutions and companies in the metal sector in the region. In total, there were 35 schools and companies present. It provided a unique opportunity to visit KARL HUGO’s facilities and to learn about high value-added professions. “We really wanted to change the way our youngsters and their parents look at the excellence of our sector,” explained Bernd Hugo – Financial and HR Director.

On this day, information sheets were made available to the young visitors to explain the different educational courses that are offered at KARL HUGO to train as a machinist, welder, assembler, project manager or engineer. They were able to discover the full range of options available to them. One of these is a block release training, which offers apprentices the opportunity to receive both general and vocational training at school, whilst learning a trade in the company. “Technical professions and branches are often over-looked, yet these skills are highly prized on the job market,” continued the Financial and HR Director. “block release training enables employers to train young people in line with their needs.”

In addition, and in an attempt to counter the shortage of skilled labour, and to inspire future vocations, KARL HUGO regularly welcomes students from primary, secondary and higher education schools. No matter how old the students are, the aim is to create and develop an interest, to arouse their curiosity for unfamiliar professions and to support them in their choice of orientation. As part of a roadshow organised by a university, KARL HUGO also invited and hosted a group of economics students.

Finally, KARL HUGO has taken part in the Schnupperwochen for more than 10 years. This is an event that takes place twice a year, during the Easter holidays and at the end of June. These awareness raising weeks allow young people aged 15 or over, who have not yet decided on the profession they would like to follow, to discover what goes on behind the scenes in companies and their know-how.

KARL HUGO continues to expand and recruits young apprentices every year. “This year, from 1st July 2023, we will be recruiting a machining apprentice, a welding apprentice and an engineer,” concluded Bernd Hugo.