News - Published on 08 March 2023

Where would machines be without know-how?

The KARL HUGO milling workshop is equipped with 4 CNC vertical lathes, 4 CNC horizontal lathes and 1 conventional horizontal lathe. Behind each of these machines are competent and motivated employees.

Thomas, Raphaël and Patrick are experienced millers who have been working at KARL HUGO for many years. All three started out as apprentices. They have been joined by Fabian and Chris, apprentices in the second year of their block release training. “They all work autonomously and with extreme precision, two qualities which are essential in a good miller”, explained Erick Krings – production Manager. “They also have an excellent knowledge of programming, as each lathe, with the exception of the conventional one, is equipped with a FAGOR CNC 8055TC digital control.” In milling, in the same way as elsewhere, KARL HUGO’s team members are trained in the most up-to-date technologies, continually building expertise and skills of the highest level.

KARL HUGO is equipped with state-of-the-art machines for both vertical and horizontal milling. The company designs and builds customised industrial machines and machine systems for production lines, as well as one-off parts, small batches and mechanical or mechanically welded sub-systems. “Our machines make it possible to give a very precise, sometimes complex, shape to a raw material,” added the production manager. “We work with a number of different materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper or aluminium.” The four horizontal lathes are able to process parts up to a maximum length of 6,000 mm and a maximum diameter of 900 mm. KARL HUGO also has four vertical lathes for machining workpieces of up to 3 metres in diameter. These enable the company to cater for a number of key markets, particularly within the energy sector. “Our operators work on two machines simultaneously, depending on the machining time required. This increases our work capacity” added the production manager.

However, state-of-the-art technology is nothing without the expertise of the people who are trained to use it. At KARL HUGO, each employee is responsible for the execution, performance and compliance with the objectives of their process, with a view to continuous improvement.