News - Published on 09 March 2023

KARL HUGO active in the glass industry

KARL HUGO is active in a wide range of sectors, both in Europe and worldwide. One of these is the glass industry, particularly the construction and automobile sectors. The company has manufactured and assembled presses for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of windscreen glass.

As a company that prides itself on its human approach, KARL HUGO demonstrates flexibility and efficiency to successfully deliver all the projects entrusted to it. In 2017, the KARL HUGO design office, with its team of multi-skilled engineers, used its expertise and know-how in a project for Termeca Choquenet, an engineering office specialising in the production of float and printed glass. KARL HUGO’s engineers came up with a custom-built technical solution to upgrade the mechanics of a Dross-box, the link between the tin bath and glass cooling mechanism.

Five years later, Termeca Choquenet once again called on the services KARL HUGO’s mechanical engineering office to subcontract a project to upgrade the top rollers for the production of flat glass in a liquid tin bath. “Our office was assigned to design the 3D models of one section of the equipment”, explained Alex Grieven, Project Engineer. “This involved modifying the existing system and adapting the equipment to the customer’s needs.” The top rollers, toothed rollers, were mounted on a nozzle that drove and stretched the glass layer on the tin bath during the cooling process. Their angular position and speed are used to establish the thickness of the glass. “We modified the 3D models and created a layout for all the elements needed for the upgrade”, added the Project Engineer. “Thanks to our experience we were able to create a high value-added solution.”

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