News - Published on 02 October 2023

KARL HUGO continues its commitment as a player in sustainable development

KARL HUGO, a Belgian flagship in mechanical engineering, takes another step in its sustainability policy initiated over 10 years ago. The company is building a secure reception infrastructure for its employees who commute by bicycle.

KARL HUGO places great importance on human values and the well-being of its teams. For many years, the company has been investing in continuous improvement of working conditions, making it a top priority. The complete renovation of all buildings in recent years is the result of this deeply rooted philosophy.

Today, by constructing a bicycle facility, KARL HUGO promotes sustainable mobility. “Our recruitment area is within a radius of 30 km,“ says Bernd Hugo, CFO and HR Director. “As a result, some of our employees commute to work by bicycle.

Why promote sustainable mobility?

“The fact that I regularly use the bicycle as a means of transportation to get to the company played a crucial role in this project, adds Stephan Hugo, Technical Director. While the project is relatively simple at the outset, the management quickly wants to give it a broader dimension. It becomes a real tool for raising awareness among all staff members about sustainable mobility. Used as a mode of transportation, the bicycle is an easy and cost-effective way to engage in regular physical activity. Moreover, cycling contributes to mental well-being.

But the issues are also economic, social, and environmental. In addition to reducing costs associated with commuting between home and the company, sustainable mobility leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the reception infrastructure provided for KARL HUGO employees was entirely designed, built, and installed by local businesses.

A sustainable and stylish bicycle space

The bicycle space and its covered terrace not only fit into the architecture of KARL HUGO's administrative building but also into its natural surroundings. “They were tailor-made in the spirit of a Japanese pavilion,“ emphasizes Patrice Lejeune, Designer. “The concept is minimalist, zen, and gentle.“  Built with a wooden frame and durable aluminum, the bicycle space is equipped with 20 charging stations. It also features a green roof whose automatic watering is supplied by rainwater collected in a 5,000-liter tank.

More than ever, KARL HUGO is aligned with current and future challenges. This bicycle facility aligns with the aspirations of KARL HUGO's teams to make environmental protection a priority. “In the long term, we hope to double or even triple the number of employees who commute from home to work by bicycle,“ concludes Stephan Hugo, Technical Director.