News - Published on 07 November 2016

Stock management: a strategic choice!


KARL HUGO is optimising its stock management by acquiring an automated storage tower. “Faced with a growing number of orders and an increase in the management of small parts, we needed to find an efficient solution” explains Stephan Hugo, the company’s Technical Director. While, in the past, the conventional storage solution of pallets on shelves was adequate for the company's needs, it would have become obsolete in the relatively near future.

KARL HUGO decided to modernise its processes and opted for a fully automated management system. With a total of 42 storage shelves in a 7 m high tower and occupying a floor area of 10.5 m2, the company is able to save a substantial amount of space (approximately 100 m2). KARL HUGO is also able to achieve non-negligible productivity improvements: faster assembly times, optimised stock management and reduced dust build-up on parts. Finally, the security of both the personnel and the stored parts is also increased.

“We have an extremely reliable and proven system. This automated tower is an essential part of our assembly process. We have a precise view of the number and types of parts in storage at all times” confirms Stephan Hugo. KARL HUGO has already made provision for the possible extension of the system in order to optimally manage the growing volume of business.