News - Published on 28 March 2024

KARL HUGO supports the Oncia Community Foundation

Beyond technological and medical advancements, humanizing healthcare is crucial in the fight against cancer.

Like anyone facing cancer, I felt completely helpless and overwhelmed by the numerous challenges on psychological, familial, physical, practical, or social levels. I walked through the doors of an integrative health center and felt surrounded, says Françoise Vamecq, co-founder and administrator of the Oncia Community Foundation. “The team met all my needs, relieved my physical pain, and eased my emotional suffering.“  Integrative medicine, however, remains largely unknown and underutilized.

This is why KARL HUGO supports this foundation, which provides comprehensive and human-centered care to cancer patients, complementing conventional medical treatments. “The initiative of the Oncia Community Foundation is a remarkable project aimed at improving the quality of life for people with cancer, says Bernd Hugo, CFO and HR Director. “Although Belgium has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world, the holistic approach remains underdeveloped.

As a mechanical engineering partner for companies active in the healthcare sector for several decades, KARL HUGO was keen to support this foundation created by IBA, a global leader in proton therapy. “As a partner of IBA for many years, KARL HUGO manufactures particle accelerators for cancer diagnosis or treatment, explains Bernd Hugo. “My brother Stephan and I wanted to support this initiative in line with our values centered on humanity. By joining our forces, we aim to help improve the lives of patients and their families.

The mission of the Oncia Community Foundation is to promote the development and access of cancer patients to integrative medicine. This approach provides psychological, nutritional, and social support, as well as complementary well-being care alongside curative treatments. Oncia Community supports the development of international integrative health centers and collaborates with networks of retreat houses in Belgium (Oncocoon), Spain (Kalida), and the United Kingdom (Maggie's).

The mission of the Oncia Community Foundation is to make this comprehensive approach accessible and affordable, adds Bernd Hugo. “A vision fully supported by KARL HUGO. This approach gives meaning to our work and inspires the daily efforts of our teams.