News - Published on 07 May 2024

KARL HUGO supports the Young Dragons Academy of RFC Malmundaria

In 2018, RFC Malmundaria, a football club from Malmedy founded in 1904, had 7 youth teams, comprising around a hundred players. However, their football training was lacking compared to other regional clubs.

At that time, the club was in dire straits, explains Philippe Schumacher, President of RFCM. “We needed to change our image, take initiatives to prevent young players from leaving for other clubs. The management then decided to create the Young Dragons Academy. This regional training center aims to be primarily a life school, but also a real talent pool to recruit future players for the first team.

With a new brand image comes new equipment. A new logo is created, and the gear is standardized. KARL HUGO becomes the official sponsor of the Academy. All young players, coaches, and staff are equipped from head to toe. “This new kit reinforces the sense of belonging to the Academy, explains Bernd Hugo, CFO and HR Director. “It becomes a form of identity for all ages. It enhances the image of the young dragons who are proud to wear it!

Thanks to innovative training methodologies, the regional training center is growing. In 2022, former professional player Frédéric Waseige becomes the patron of the Academy, which now has 280 young footballers. “Every year, our structure grows and welcomes new players who want to thrive through football, adds Philippe Schumacher. The young dragons compete in 18 teams, from U6 to P4 categories, and regularly excel in local or provincial championships. In 2023, RFC Malmundaria partners with the Axel Witsel Football School, catering to young players aged 5 to 15. The club hosts the Axel Witsel camp for the first time in the region during the Easter holidays. A source of pride and recognition for the Academy.

We are convinced that this team sport, bringing together young people from all backgrounds, is a tremendous force for integration and education, concludes Bernd Hugo. “This collaborative success has been made possible thanks to the alignment of values between KARL HUGO and RFC Malmundaria: discipline, respect, and excellence!