News - Published on 04 May 2021

New finishing workshop and new spray booth!

The sixth production workshop on the KARL HUGO site came into service in June 2020. It adjoins another existing workshop, and together they form a new structure dedicated to the finishing phase, to painting, assembly and shipping. It incorporates a new ATEX rated multizone spray booth. This working area surface enables a rational reorganisation of the existing production workshops. “It is essential that we optimise our processes through continuous improvement”, explains Stephan Hugo - Technical Director. “This configuration enables us to pursue our policy of occupational well-being while at the same time increasing the quality of execution of parts. “ KARL HUGO then maintains its standard rate of production, while at the same time increasing its production capacity.

Finally, the opening of new workstations was inevitable. “The recruitment and training procedures have been put in place”, confirms Bernd Hugo - Financial Director. “Our teams have been fully operational since the entry into service of our sixth workshop.