News - Published on 25 November 2021

KARL HUGO, an enterprise undergoing rapid expansion!

Over these past five years, KARL HUGO has been massively investing in its production capacities in order to take on substantial and diverse types of order. The enterprise has recruited fifteen new persons in three years! 

In view of these investments, the creation of new jobs was inevitable. Despite the difficulties in recruitment allied to the generalised lack of skilled labour, KARL HUGO has been able to attract new high quality members of staff enabling it to guarantee operational excellence. “We have taken on two engineers, one lathe operator, two technical employees, one painter, one welder, one cleaner, two assemblers and five apprentices”,  details Bernd Hugo - Finance and HR Director. “The average age of all of our personnel is 35.2 years. That of the new starters is 25.3 years”. There remains at the moment a post of head of non-destructive welding testing to be filled. 

A part of the operation to take on new joiners is allied to the new generation filling the posts of operators and employees taking retirement after having passed all or most of their careers at KARL HUGO. The enterprise is  reaping the benefit of all of the action it has taken over recent years to add to its recognition and attractive image. “Our absolute priority is quality of life, including adequate remuneration, pleasant working environment and facilities, and continuous training”,  explains Bernd Hugo - Finance and HR Director. “We place great emphasis on skills so that everyone can find fulfilment in their work. Mastering the full range of skills, which is certainly complex, is a key factor in our success”. At KARL HUGO, each person is responsible for the correct execution, performance and respect for the objectives of their process, with a concern for continuous improvement. Recruiting well is vital!