News - Published on 25 November 2021

Trans-pallet trailer made by KARL HUGO

Circuit Foil, an enterprise recognised globally for its production of high quality electrolytic copper sheeting, has called on the expertise of KARL HUGO to design a fully made to measure trans-pallet trailer.

In order to transport the racks on which are placed the drum frames, large rollers used to produce copper sheeting able to weigh up to 10 tons, Circuit Foil wished to replace its trailer, of which certain safety devices were no longer in order. “Our mission” , explains Thomas Reuter, Project Engineer at KARL HUGO,  “consisted in designing a new model equipped with emergency braking systems and a braking trailer”. The challenge was also to find axles with a maximum height of 450 mm which would enable the trailer to be slid under the racks, and which had sufficient power to lift this weight.

This mechanically welded structure has been entirely designed in the workshops of KARL HUGO. The first stage consisted of constructing made-to-measure wheels. The rims were produced internally and then the rubber was fitted externally. The trans-pallet trailer is made up of a principal ‘lifting’ frame, of a braking ‘retractable’ axle, of a raisable ‘shaft’ frame, along with a bearing system enabling the horizontal lifting of the principal frame. 

We also fitted a blocking system for the safety of the chassis”, details the Project Head. “Three valve devices are positioned on each side, in order to be able to secure the various types of transport, according to the dimensions of the traverse”. These safety valve devices hold the three sizes of racks on the trans-pallet. They rise at the same time as the lifting takes place and adjust according to the size of the rack.

We rarely work on machinery on wheels. We are more used to designing static machines” concludes the engineer. A challenge successfully taken up!