News - Published on 25 November 2021

New acquisition for the milling workshop

KARL HUGO nouvelle acquisition pour atelier de fraisage

A new traveling column milling machine has taken its place within the machinery belonging to KARL HUGO, the CORREA NORMA L-60. The milling workshop now has a full range of up to the minute machinery.

As a general rule, KARL HUGO does not keep any machine tool once it has reached fifteen years in age. For each replacement, a model is selected which increases the machining capacities. The CORREA Norma L-60 is replacing a machine from 2008.

Following the  NORMA 35 and 45 and the FOX-60, the NORMA L-60 is the fourth CORREA milling machine to be installed at KARL HUGO since 2019. “The added value of this new powerful milling machine lies in the fact that it can handle longer parts, up to six metres”, explains  Stephan Hugo - Technical Director. “Another advantage is that it enables work to be carried out in suspension. Along with large parts, this machine can therefore treat two parts in parallel or small run parts which require a substantial change of tightening”. This brings a saving in time and enables KARL HUGO to remain competitive.

In addition to its high power, the NORMA L-60 responds to the latest standards in terms of safety, environment and ecology. As with all the latest acquisitions of KARL HUGO, it is totally careened and fitted with a smoke filtration system. It also possesses an automatic stand-by enabling its energy consumption to be reduced. “All of the new machines we buy have the objective of reducing our carbon footprint”, adds the Technical Director.

And finally, the  NORMA L-60 is equipped with a 60-position tool changer, an orthogonal milling head and, as with all the other milling machines, digital  HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 controls.

Delivered and installed in October by the Spanish team of CORREA, the NORMA L-60 will be operational at the end of November, once it has been suitably regulated and the operator has been trained.

 KARL HUGO Corea Norma L60