News - Published on 25 April 2016

The next generation is already there!


Tobias, Arthur and Jeremy began their apprenticeship at KARL HUGO at the start of the school year 2015. Over the next three years, they will follow a work-linked training course for the professions of turner, milling machine operator, and welder. 44% of our staff members learnt their skills through this system, 84% of whom did their in-service training within the company. 74% of the current manpower started their career in the company, all trades included.

KARL HUGO has always acknowledged that having highly skilled personnel is one of the true engines of its development. “Competence is something you build up every day," says Bernd Hugo, CEO - CFO. “Indeed, it takes 5 to 10 years to train a welder, a turner or a milling machine operator. Staff retention is essential for technology companies like ours.

Selected among Belgian companies, last September KARL HUGO welcomed His Majesty King Philippe for a tour of its workshops. This gave the company an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of work-linked training. KARL HUGO has been implementing this training scheme for over four decades already. A winning formula!

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